GRP Permanent Formwork

Introducing our Mek-Dek Products

Mekina Industries are specialist manufacturers and suppliers of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) permanent formwork solutions for bridge and civil structures.

We pride ourselves on producing bespoke products to suit clients’ requirements, whether it be shape, size, colour or any other preference.

When you choose us as your leave-in-place permanent formwork partner, you gain access to our team of experts dedicated to realising your project’s vision.

We combine our extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology and materials to provide you with unrivalled solutions.

  • Standard Panels
  • Skewed Panels
  • Haunched Panels
  • Cantilever Panels
  • Composite Panel

  • Coper Unit

  • Complete Solution


Our standard panels are designed to support bridge decks during concrete pours as leave-in-place or sacrificial formwork.


Our panels can be designed to cantilever as you require, providing an upstand for the deck edge.


Haunched panels can be deployed to reduce the overall thickness of the deck and are ideal for use in scenarios where services are required underneath the soffit.

Mekina Industries Haunched Panels In-Situ


If your formwork project has shorter distances between precast or steel beams, our Mek-Dek Composite panel is ideal for spans up to 1.4m.


Our GRP copers can be used as an alternative to heavy pre-cast concrete copers on an over-bridge to increase a parapet height to prevent climbing and improve overall safety.

Mekina Industries Coper Panel
Talk to the Experts

Extensive industry knowledge

With a track record of delivering excellence, as individuals we have worked on over 4,000 projects worldwide, making us the preferred choice for leading engineering and contracting groups in the infrastructure sector.

Why Mek-Dek

Why choose Mek-Dek for your formwork?

  • Lightweight Products
  • Capable of large spans negating any intermediate support
  • Safe handling system
  • Provides a safe working Platform
  • Each project individually designed to suit customers need

Mek-Dek panels serve as sacrificial “leave-in-place” formwork specifically designed for bridges. Offering an exceptional combination of strength and lightweight construction, ensuring optimal performance while minimising the overall weight of the structure.

Manufactured with precision, our panels can be tailored to meet your project’s unique requirements, guaranteeing a seamless fit and efficient installation process.

Efficient Solution

Off-line Installations for Enhanced Efficiency

We understand the importance of streamlining construction operations. That’s why our clever GRP permanent formwork solutions enable off-line (or off-site installations across a range of scenarios.

By adopting this approach, you can capitalise on significant benefits, including reduced labour requirements, enhanced safety by minimising on-site risks, and accelerated construction schedules.

Our solutions empower you to maximise efficiency while providing a secure and stable working platform.

A partnership between Mekina and Dura Composites
Why Mek-Dek

Work Above, Eliminate Access Beneath

One of the standout advantages of our GRP formwork panels is the elimination of the need for access beneath the structure during installation. This unique feature sets us apart from traditional formwork methods.

All installation work is performed from above the structure. By removing the necessity for lower access, you can save valuable time, resources, and potential disruptions.

Our innovative approach guarantees the efficient utilisation of resources while maintaining uncompromised safety standards.