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Unlike other GRP permanent formwork panels which are typically cast, our Mek-Dek panels can be manufactured from press formed GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) which results in a better overall performance and quality, depending on the nature of the application.

The term ‘press formed GRP’ refers to a manufacturing process of compression moulding. This is the process of moulding in which a preheated polymer is placed into an open heated mould cavity. The mould is then closed with a top plug and compressed to have the material contact all areas of the mould. Compression moulding is used with thermosetting plastics. The thermoset material may be in free-flowing granular form or a viscous material. This results in a rigid and durable composite structure. The layered approach allows for greater control and precision in achieving the desired thickness, strength, and structural integrity of the final product.

By contrast, the cast method involves pouring a mixture of resin and sand into a mould which is left open or partially closed and left to cure and harden. The casting process can result in imperfections on the surface of the resulting GRP component, including air bubbles, uneven textures, or surface defects.

Casting GRP in a mould restricts design flexibility compared to the press formed process, as once the mould is fabricated, it determines the shape and design of the GRP part. Modifying the mould to change the design can be challenging and costly. In addition, cast GRP permanent formwork products may exhibit slightly lower strength compared to press formed GRP due to the increased potential for uneven fibre distribution during the casting process.

Ultimately your choice will depend on the specifications of your individual project, but if you require a flexible solution, and quality and strength are both central to your plans, then it’s worth considering press formed GRP permanent formwork.

To understand more about the different processes, get in contact with our experts and we’ll be happy to help you understand the best fit for your needs.

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